Work When You Work, Life When You Life

October 3, 2017

with Ryan Hindmarsh

Ryan Hindmarsh runs a leadership development business through LMI Canada. He previously ran a successful sports business, but God called him to something new, something totally different.

In this interview Ryan shares with us his perspective on work/life balance, and some habits that keep his body, mind, and spirit in top shape.

What is your business?

I run a leadership development business through LMI Canada. I aim to inspire business owners and business leaders to inspire themselves to live more of their potential.

How did you get started?

I took a program from LMI Canada 9 years ago while I owned and operated a Sports training and injury company. The program transformed the way I lead in my business and my life. 3 years ago, I was called to help others through LMI’s processes.

Can you tell us a bit about your faith journey?

I’ve gone to church since I was an infant and faith has been an integral part of my family life. Dad was the organist and mom ran the youth program. My wife Diane grew up in the choir and music service of the Catholic church.

I currently do not take part in any ministry or church activities other than attending service at St. Paul Anglican with Diane and my parents.

Do you think of your business as a ministry?

Yes, my business is a ministry. I help others be better versions of themselves and use more of their God given gifts.

I went from a bustling sports business to a new business with zero clients

Through a value driven and integrity based business, I aim to emulate godliness in all my interactions with my clients. That, and introducing God and church whenever the opportunity is presented to me.

What are some ways in which you run your business differently?

Honesty, leading by example, doing what I say I will do, and empathy. It’s about people, not money. I ensure I give back a predetermined portion of my earnings to the church.

Should we grow businesses or keep them small?

Grow them as much as we are lead to. As long as we don’t sacrifice family and friends along the way.

Do others in the church mistakenly believe you are in business only to “get rich”? What have you done to help them understand your motives better?

I don’t think so. It is my gift to make money. If I am not doing my best to make the most I can, I’m not using my God given gifts. The more I make, the more I can give. The more clients I inspire, the more God can work through me.

Have you ever seen a conflict between serving profits and serving God?

Never. Profits are a gift from God.

Do you struggle with the ethics of selling and marketing?

Not at all. I am in the business of developing people. So, I call selling… coaching.

I am here to give of myself. Servants heart. Any sales conversation to me is an exploration of fit. If I can help, it will work out. If not, then I keep trying for more. Sales is a crucial part of the business to achieve my goals of inspiring more every day and every week.

Is there a time when you really had to rely on God for something?

As with all entrepreneurs, things get difficult and lonely. I rely on God to help me see the lesson and joy in the challenge. And, transitioning into this business was a true leap of faith.

I went from a bustling sports business to a new business with zero clients. However, those decisions are easy when you know where God is directing you and you accept his plan for your life.

God has given you this business, and expects that you will be a good steward of it. Yet we are also called to be in relationship with others, especially our family. How do you think about work/life balance?

Life first. Always has been for me. I will never sacrifice my time, priorities or being present with Diane, my family or my friends or even for my own personal development. My business has to work around my life.

It's all about focus. When I work, I work. When I life, I life!

Do you have any books or other resources that you would recommend to other Christian business owners?

LMI programs! Created by Paul J. Myer, a devout Christian.

Also, I love the daily email devotions from the Bible League, as well as the reading plans on the Bible App.

What habit have you developed over the years that you think others would benefit from having?

Body, mind, and spirit daily routines are an absolute must for me. All outside of business.

Body: Fitness and nutrition routines provide me with the energy and fuel to inspire those around me.

Mind: Daily mediation focuses and relaxes me, and daily learning routines provide challenge and growth.

Spirit: Daily time in God’s word, as well as prayer and reflection provide me guidance for my ministry.

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