Growing a Christian Business By Having a Servant's Heart

April 6, 2018

with Mike Bekendam

In the bible there is a classic picture of Jesus washing the feet of the apostles. He takes this position of a servant throughout his ministry — his ultimate service to us was on the cross.

He teaches us that we need to serve others, no matter our position in life.

Mike Bekendam owns The Moving Box, a company that uses shipping containers as portable storage units (and even offices).

He shares why he almost always says yes, why Christian principles make running a business easier (not harder), and an interesting perspective on providing jobs for others.

How did you get started at your company?

Working full-time in a family business I realized fairly early on my desire to start and grow a new business.

As well, growing up in that family business taught me a lot about hard work and about operating as a Christian in business.

Once we accept what God would want us to do, it removes any other alternatives

Eleven years ago I had the idea to buy a few portable storage units and rent them out on our property to small construction and landscaping companies.

From there a servant mentality of putting our customers first and being there to assist in their different needs — essentially always saying yes — is what made the company grow into the diverse organization that it is today.

Can you share a bit about your faith journey?

Thanks to the Lord, I was born and raised in the Christian community.

A key part of my Christian faith today is the faith that my parents modeled for me at home, which was accompanied by the Christian education that I received at church and school.

This Christian education is incredibly important to me, as it gave me a firm foundation in my faith, and is where I met my wife and life-long friends who all share this same faith.

Throughout my life the Lord has used me in a number of ways in His kingdom, and all of the plans that the Lord has for me are challenging, but deepen my faith and force me to trust in Him.

How has your faith shaped the way you run the company?

My faith is part of every decision that I make within the company.

I am not perfect by any means, however I try to keep my faith at the forefront of all that I do.

Running a business with Christian principles is not always harder. Rather, it often makes business decisions easier, because once we accept what God would want us to do, it removes any other alternatives.

Employers often complain that it is hard to find good employees, but the same is true for good employees to find good employers.

God is the one who created business and commerce — He knows it better than I — and if we perform it according to His will the results will be much better.

I tell my team here every year that I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone does, and we are blessed way beyond what our human hands have done.

Have you been able to see the direct impact that your business has had on people's lives?

I see the impact of this in two areas. One is in the lives of our team here, and the second is in the ministry organizations that we are blessed to support.

Employers often complain that it is hard to find good employees, but the same is true for good employees to find good employers. We have been able to provide good, full-time employment to 20 people now, and whether they are Christian or not, they are working for a company that operates by these principles and that is a witness in itself.

For the organizations that we support, these people are professionals in the kingdom work that they do, and we are happy to have the opportunity to support them in their good work.

This has changed my perspective on business being solely driven by profits.

When put into context of providing a good witness to non-believers and supporting ministries that further the kingdom, profits fall lower on the priority list.

What is your process like for involving God in your decision making?

In every day decisions I seek to keep my faith at the center.

I try to ensure that I am living according to His will and furthering His kingdom with my actions.

This is not something that I have perfected, but it is what I am striving for.

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