Giving Back: 4 Awesome Ways Your Business Can Love the Community

May 22, 2018

I'm willing to bet that if you own a business, it's not a huge mega-corporation with billions — or even millions — in revenue.

You probably own a fairly small Christian business.

To be fair, it's not a great party trick.

Most people would probably guess that a large share of successful businesses have fewer than 20 employees, but did you know that the number is 90%?

So when you run a small business, your community is vital to your success.

Your customers, suppliers, employees, and even your competitors, are all part of your community.

I've had the privilege to write a 3 article series for Business as Mission that dives deep on our relationships with employees, clients, and our community.

This third one is about our relationships with our community.

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The first church in Acts had a strong sense of community, which we emulate to this day in our own churches. When others need help, we provide it, whether it is financial, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise.

Communities are part of what makes us strong. But our community doesn't stop at the doors of the church that we attend on Sunday mornings.

How can we be good stewards of the business God has given to us, using it as a platform to build strong relationships with our community?

Professional Peers

We can give employees time off to volunteer, we can give discounted services to churches and other non-profits, or we can use the equipment or expertise from our business to help others in the community.

I could probably list off a few dozen more, and I'm guessing you could too.

Instead of spending time on those fairly obvious avenues, let's focus instead on how we can connect with others in our industry.

Challenging the Status Quo

The way that her business started was reminiscent of Jonah's story, but Trish has been using her psychotherapy practice as a way to reinvent her industry from the inside out...

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