How a Christian Engineering Business Fearlessly Serves Its Community

January 31, 2018
with Steve Adema

Have you thought recently about how your business can better serve your community?

It's easy to forget — I know I don't think about this nearly enough. But if our churches need to be involved in the community, why not our businesses as well?

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An Awkward Name is All You Need

January 17, 2018
with Trish Pauls

Trish started her business with a name that isn't so easy to remember.

She started in a location that wasn't exactly her first choice, either.

But here's the thing — none of that matters.

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10 Ways Successful Christian Business Owners Use Their Faith in Business

January 2, 2018

Do you believe that God can work through businesses?

Here at Marketplace Disciples I have been interviewing Christian business leaders about how their faith changes the way they run and operate their businesses, and it’s been a fascinating ride so far.

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How a Consulting Business Shares the Gospel With Every Client

December 13, 2017
with Jannice Moore

Jannice is the owner of a small consulting company that provides coaching to governing boards, specializing in teaching a servant-leadership style of governance. This gives her and her 11 employees a very natural way to present Jesus to her clients.

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Creating Jobs for Those in Need

November 28, 2017
with Bill Fuchs

If you were to design a business from the ground up to glorify God, what it would be? What would it do?

This is something I've been thinking about a lot, and I don't know that I have a great answer yet.

But I think that providing for the needy – in this case, providing them the jobs they so desperately need – is a fantastic start.

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Letting God Work Through Your Failures

November 14, 2017
with Gary Gehiere

Gary had failed.

In that way, he is not much different than me or you.

But instead of packing it in – as we so often do – he listened to God's call on his life to push through that failure.

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Turning Down a Multi-Million Dollar Deal

October 31, 2017
with Chris Klaassen

Have you ever had someone willing to pay you millions of dollars, only to walk away from it?

Chris Klaassen may sound insane, but I assure you, he is everything but. He runs a franchise of Alair Homes, a custom home, remodeling, and light commercial project management company.

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A Simple Way to Use Your Business as a Ministry

October 17, 2017
with Joe Peristy

It took me awhile the first time I read through this interview. So many things Joe lays out in this interview caused me to stop and think. I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Joe Peristy is a project manager at the multi-national engineering firm AECOM. He’s managed projects involving only a few million dollars of capital, all the way to huge projects worth several hundred million dollars.

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Work When You Work, Life When You Life

October 3, 2017
with Ryan Hindmarsh

Ryan Hindmarsh runs a leadership development business through LMI Canada. He previously ran a successful sports business, but God called him to something new, something totally different.

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Employed by a Christian Software Company

September 19, 2017
with Peter Rhebergen

Employees can also be Marketplace Disciples, and that is why I interviewed Peter Rhebergen. He works at a software company owned and operated by Christians, where part of his responsibilties include telling clients about Christ.

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When People Are More Important than Profit

May 16, 2017
with Gayle Goossen

Most businesses are run with a focus on profits, often to the detriment of personal relationships. Gayle Goossen however, operates Barefoot Creative by putting relationships first. Even though our culture prizes money and encourages people to make a quick buck at the expense of others, she stands firm in her faith and uses her business as a platform to love others.

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Moving Forward in Faith — Even When You Aren't Ready

April 21, 2017
with Melissa Mather

Melissa Mather is a business coach who lives in southern Ontario. A few years ago she started a tutoring business, and as that took off she realized she had a talent for business, and a passion for empowering women entrepreneurs.

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