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Creating Jobs for Those in Need

November 28, 2017
with Bill Fuchs

If you were to design a business from the ground up to glorify God, what it would be? What would it do?

This is something I've been thinking about a lot, and I don't know that I have a great answer yet.

But I think that providing for the needy – in this case, providing them the jobs they so desperately need – is a fantastic start.

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Letting God Work Through Your Failures

November 14, 2017
with Gary Gehiere

Gary had failed.

In that way, he is not much different than me or you.

But instead of packing it in – as we so often do – he listened to God's call on his life to push through that failure.

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Turning Down a Multi-Million Dollar Deal

October 31, 2017
with Chris Klaassen

Have you ever had someone willing to pay you millions of dollars, only to walk away from it?

Chris Klaassen may sound insane, but I assure you, he is everything but. He runs a franchise of Alair Homes, a custom home, remodeling, and light commercial project management company.

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